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Our hospital held a flag raising ceremony for grade 21 freshmen


Cultivate patriotism and strengthen mission responsibility. In order to enhance the learning motivation of freshmen, cultivate excellent skills, cherish historical opportunities and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Institute of geotechnical survey held a flag raising ceremony with the theme of "please rest assured that there is a strong country with me" at Zhiyuan square of Sanjiang campus at 7:00 a.m. on September 28. College counselors Zhao Chongwen, Zeng Zhen and all freshmen of grade 21 attended the flag raising ceremony, which was presided over by Chen Minqian of class 213 of water supply and drainage.

After the flag raising ceremony, the freshmen said that the contemporary youth should have the consciousness of setting great aspirations and undertaking great tasks. The times hold up the youth, and the youth will live up to the times!

New semester, new weather, new starting point and new hope. Through this flag raising ceremony, it further strengthened the responsibility and feelings of all freshmen to love the party, love the country and the school, stimulated the action force of the majority of young people to "shoulder the mission and struggle with me", and became a youth dreamer of "please rest assured that the party and the power have me".