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Our college held a chorus competition in memory of "12 · 9"


This network news hot blood plays a heroic song of triumph, and youth composes passionate music. On November 28, the 34th "carry forward the revolutionary tradition and the spirit of the times" class revolutionary song chorus competition of Jiangxi University of technology and the 86th anniversary of the "12 · 9" movement was grandly held in the storm playground of Sanjiang campus and the cultural square of Hongqi campus. Wang Xiaoping, vice president of our college Wen Ziheng, director of the school work office and Secretary of the Youth League Committee, as well as the class teachers and counselors of each class, attended the competition. The Youth League Committee Secretary sang revolutionary red songs with the students. A total of 44 participating teams of 2019-2021 undergraduates took part in the competition.

From surveying and mapping class 213, the song "we walk on the road + young China + country" opened the prelude to the competition; The accompaniment sound of "I and my motherland" reveals the heart palpitation of the arduous struggle of the Republic; A song "Wanjiang" describes the long time of the sun and the moon in a corner, and draws a corner of the mountain and the river, which looks stirring under the singing of class 202 of water supply and drainage; "Defending the Yellow River", "without the Communist Party, there would be no new China", "on the Taihang Mountain", "ten send the Red Army" A red song, recording a period of extraordinary years; A red song symbolizes a glorious flag. The whole competition was wonderful, the participating songs were rich and diverse, and all the participating teams showed strong stage appeal.

Finally, after fierce competition, surveying and mapping 213, Dixin 212 and Dixin 211 won the first prize of freshman group; Water supply and drainage 202, water supply and drainage 191, Dixin 201 and water supply and drainage 201 won the first prize of Laosheng group. Di Xin 212 Yuan Xiao Yang, di Xin 201 Du Yimeng and water supply and drainage 191 Yao Rong won the honor of best command; Second brother Yin, fan Jiao of water supply and drainage 202 and Xia Lei of Dixin 191 won the honor of best lead singer; Civil engineering 215 Xu Yuliang, civil engineering 206 Hui Yunda and water supply and drainage 191 Ma Ting won the honor of best reading.

Surveying and mapping 211 and civil engineering 204 won this award respectively.