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Our college helps the dream of postgraduate students come true


In order to further improve the level of service and education, relieve the worries of candidates and help students' dreams come true, our college loves postgraduate entrance examination students and provides warm-hearted examination delivery services.

At 6:40 a.m. on December 25 and 26, three "special cars for postgraduate entrance examination of soil survey College of Jiangxi University of technology" arranged by the college were neatly arranged in front of the soil survey building. All graduating class counselors guided the candidates to get on the bus orderly next to the corresponding "special car". Wen Ziheng, director of the school work office and Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the college, came to the examination car and carefully told the precautions and checked whether the certificates were complete. Then he sent his most sincere wishes to all the students who took the postgraduate entrance examination: "this year we will be the 'postgraduate' and next year you will be the postgraduate!"

Finally, with the cheering of all the graduating class counselors, three "special buses" set out on time at 7:10 to safely send our postgraduate students to the golden campus of Gannan University of science and technology, zanxian Road Campus of Ganzhou No. 3 middle school, Ganzhou middle school, Lianjiang Road Campus of Zhanggong middle school, golden campus of Gannan Normal University, Gannan health vocational college Ganzhou normal college and other 7 test sites.

It is reported that there are 11 test centers and schools in Ganzhou test area this time. Taking into full account the traffic, flow of people and other factors in the urban area, the college selects 7 distant test centers and arranges a "special bus" to deliver the candidates. At the same time, the temperature of the postgraduate entrance examination is low, especially in the cold wind in the morning, accompanied by a slight rain. Adhering to the service concept of "treating students as children", the college delivers the warm winter sun on the way of "postgraduate entrance examination" and accompanies the postgraduate entrance examination students on the journey of their dreams.