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Our college won the championship of "Zhiyuan Cup" five person football match


On December 1, our school's "Zhiyuan Cup" five person football match came to a successful conclusion. In the final, the football team of geotechnical survey Institute defeated the social sports professional football team by 8:2 And won the championship of this football match.

Winter is getting colder than your running blood; The cold wind is bleak and can't move your tough pride. On the court, you run in the wind and wantonly wield your charm in the green land. The football rolls under your feet and is as flexible as an arm, and arcs across the sky. That's the dance of your football. In the final, our football team adjusted its tactics in time when it fell behind 1:2 at half time, and finally reversed, showing its tenacious fighting will. In the whole series, the football team of geotechnical survey Institute scored 45 goals and lost only 9 goals. Aizihar Aili of civil engineering class 201 won the best shooter, and zulikar dilimurati of civil engineering class 211 won the best goalkeeper. Mr. Xie XiaoCong said that as the champion team of the "three good cup" eleven player football match in 2021, we are determined to defend the title. Although we have encountered difficult challenges many times in the game, all the team members have made concerted efforts, calmly dealt with it, fought bravely and finally achieved ideal results.

This competition not only trained the physique of the students of our college, but also strengthened the communication between the colleges, enhanced the ability of unity and cooperation among the students, and fully demonstrated the high spirited and energetic mental outlook of the students of our college. After the game, Chen Daihe, vice captain of the football team of our college and a student of Dixin class 192, said: "football has become an indispensable part of my life, which can make me happy and happy. During the game, we try our best to cooperate with the team, score goals, relax and improve together."